About us

Regal Stays is the leader in corporate accommodation with operations in Dallas, TX, USA, Melbourne Australia and Toronto Canada.

We have been providing quality corporate accommodation in Melbourne, Toronto and Dallas since we started the operations in 2012. Since then Regal Stays is a devoted and distinguished provider of luxury transient residences, offering our guests ideally located, affordable alternatives to indulgence hotels accommodations for business tours, as well as protracted stays. Regal Stays believe in offering spacious and specially selected elements that simply exceed the requirements of our corporate guests and clients. Our comfortable and elegant furnished transient living elucidated solutions give amenities which deliver our guests home like comforts and relaxation, which gives delightful joy to our valued guests.

Regal Stays’s achievements are due to our conviction that our vision of the business is to serve our valued guests abundantly, more focused towards our services and our guests’ satisfactions. Our vision keeps us more towards helping our guests, making them more relaxed and comfortable, giving our guest a memorable journey of joy at Regal Stays. Regal Stays is operated under the name of Royal Stays in Melbourne Australia and Toronto Canada.

Melbourne, Australia - www.royalstays.com.au

Toronto, Canada - www.royalstays.ca